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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to charge a battery for a QuietKat electric mountain bike if it’s completely dead?

48V & 60V battery approx. 5-6 hours. 72V battery approx. 8 hours

Does the battery charger plug into a standard 110V outlet?


If I purchase a QuietKat, is a battery charger included in the purchase price?


How many batteries does a QuietKat electric mountain bike come with?

One battery per QuietKat. Additional batteries can be purchased separately. 48V and 60V models can fit two batteries per unit to extend mileage. The battery compartment only fits one 72V battery if you have a 72V model.

How many miles can I travel on one battery?

You can expect a range of 20-25 miles if the battery is completely full (48V & 60V). You can expect a range of 30-35 miles if the battery is completely full (72V). Mileage depends on a number of factors including rider weight, added gear, and terrain.

What type of battery is in the QuietKat?

Lithium Ion.

How many years will my battery last?

QuietKat lithium batteries are certified as a 1,000 cycle battery. This means you can expect the battery to last for 20,000 – 25,000 miles based on 20-25 miles per charge. Example: If you ride 2,000 miles each year, you could expect the battery to last 10-12 years.

Do I have to run my battery to completely empty before I charge it again?

No, but fully discharging the battery prior to charging does help with longevity and performance. Please read and fully understand the battery charging manual.

Do the batteries require any ongoing maintenance?

No. Unlike many lead acid batteries, our batteries are sealed, requiring zero maintenance.

If I don’t use my QuietKat electric bike for 5 months, do the batteries need to be stored a certain way?

Prior to storing the batteries for an extended period of time, the batteries should be fully charged and then discharged to 40% – 60% capacity. Refer to lithium battery manual for further information.

How do I properly charge my battery on a regular basis?

Open battery compartment and remove lid. Unplug the Red battery connectors. Plug the charger into the battery. Plug charger into the wall. The battery can be charged from any 120-240v AC plug.



What is the warranty on a QuietKat electric mountain bike?

QuietKat offers a 1 year warranty on all components. The frame has a lifetime warranty. Please read full warranty information located in owners manual

If I am a dealer or customer and I have a warranty claim, what is the procedure for getting my QuietKat fixed?

Please call our customer service department: 970-328-6629. They will properly handle your claim.

For warranty claims, do I ship my QuietKat back to your facility or do you ship parts to me?

We arrange for you to take your QuietKat into a local repair shop. We ship parts to the repair shop and the quickly get your Kat back in working order. QuietKat covers all associated costs of parts, labor, and shipping.

If I am a dealer, can I service a QuietKat for my customer if they have a warranty claim or does the customer have to go to a local shop?

If you have the capabilities and necessary staff, Yes you can service the unit. Please refer to your dealer agreement for further information regarding service and repair.

How do I become an Authorized Service Technician?

Our parts and service department will contact you in order to determine if you have the capabilities and tools.

Does QuietKat offer an extended service warranty available for purchase?




Can I climb hills with a QuietKat?

QuietKat electric mountain bikes can climb hills as steep as 20 degrees. Because it is front wheel drive, it is best to stand up and lean forward to get as much traction on the front drive tire when traversing hilly terrain.

Will my QuietKat rust over time?

No, QuietKat’s design utilizes stainless hardware and aluminum tubular framing.

I see the QuietKat Prowler model is rated for up to a 275 lb weight capacity. I weigh 285 lbs, will this work for me?

Will it work, Yes. Is it ideal for horsepower? No. You would be better off with the Ranger 750 model so you would have extra weight capacity for gear and to travel hilly terrain with ease.

How does a QuietKat perform in mud, snow, and sand?

Because a QuietKat electric mountain bike is a lightweight vehicle, snowy, muddy and sandy conditions should be kept to a minimum. The great thing about QuietKat is that if you do get stuck, it is very easy to push it out on your own. Good luck getting out a buried ATV, Golf Cart or Side x Side.

Can the QuietKat go through water?

Yes, but do not submerge the motor or any electronic components, including the battery compartment.

Is the suspension adjustable for varying terrain?

Yes. By removing 3 bolts in the rear swing arm, you can have up to 15 degrees of lean, right to left.

Are the wheel bearings sealed?

Yes. They require zero greasing or regular maintenance.

Will a QuietKat fit into the back of my SUV?

It will fit into any standard size SUV. You will have to fold down the handle bars and lower the seat to its lowest position. The overall smallest dimensions by lowering the seat and folding the handle bars are: 65”L x 32”W x 32”H.

Can I switch out my seat to a different style?

Yes. The design of a QuietKat utilizes similar components to a mountain bike. A seat adaptor is available for purchase.

Can I buy extra batteries?

Yes, extra batteries are available for purchase.

Can I ride a QuietKat on bike trails and access roads?

Always check local laws and regulations in regards to motorized vehicle use on public trails and roads. The QuietKat is considered as the same classification as an electric bicycle. There is no VIN tag so it is not held to the same rules and regulations as an ATV or side x side.

Can I use my QuietKat to pull a deer out of the woods when hunting?

If you are looking to use a QuietKat to pull a deer out of the woods, we recommend using a QuietKat Cargo Trailer or game cart with wheels instead of dragging.

Are the speed and power of your electric mountain bikes adjustable?

Yes, with a simple programming change on the digital screen located on the handle bars, the speed and power can be increased or decreased based on rider preference. Refer to the QuietKat Assembly YouTube page for a short video tutorial on how to adjust settings.

What is the ground clearance of a QuietKat?

7 inches.

I currently own a 48V Hunter model. Can I upgrade to a 60V or 72V battery?

Yes, depending on which model configuration you have. All 2016 models are interchangeable, but 2014 & 2015 models may not have the capability to change battery size. Please contact our customer service department before making this change.


How do I assemble my QuietKat electric mountain bike?

For a detailed instruction of how to assemble your QuietKat electric mountain bike watch our instructional assembly videos and read our detailed assembly instructions in our product owner’s manual. QuietKat recommends that the bike be assembled, inspected and adjusted by a certified bicycle mechanic before riding.


Is financing available for my QuietKat purchase?

Yes, financing is available for your QuietKat purchase on all of our electric mountain bikes. We’ve partnered with Klarna to offer you flexible financing options that let you pay for your purchase over time when approved. Simply add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and after filling out your billing address and credit card information, select the Klarna Slice It option. You’ll know whether you’re approved in seconds and can then complete your purchase.

We want your purchase to be stress-free. Check out our Financing page to learn more about your options.