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Explore more around the lake, at the beach, or in the woods. Travel farther and more efficiently. Bring along camping gear and other equipment, all while traveling quietly and low-impact.


Get to the most remote spots on the river and fish new waters. Access remote areas and restricted areas other wheeled vehicles can’t traverse.


For a quiet approach into deeper woods with less scent trail than walking. Hunt in all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain.

QuietKat: the best all terrain, all electric, fat tire mountain bikes and electric trikes built for deeper access to the great outdoors.

Our best in class heavy duty electric mountain bikes are designed for lovers of fresh air who want non-obtrusive access to the deep woods for hunting, fishing, and camping, or for those who want a play vehicle for family excursions.

QuietKat electric bikes are non-assisted electric mountain bikes – you simply steer them into the wilderness to have your fun.

Every QuietKat is incredibly portable – just stow it in the back of your truck for your next adventure.

Most importantly,

QuietKat all electric mountain bikes are environmentally friendly, driven by powerful Lithium-ion batteries for green and silent power to motor through any landscape.

With a full range of accessories like extra batteries, bags, racks, cargo trailers and lights, it’s easy to carry your gear into the woods and your game out. Get there quiet as a cat – with QuietKat!