Portable Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

QuietKat is a Portable Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (PE-ATV). The KAT endures the challenges of the outdoors, whether involved in hunting, ranching, agriculture, traipsing off road or preservation practices.

As conservationists, we know how important it is to be good to the environment.  Utilizing electric power not only minimizes ones footprint, but is GREEN and provides stealth like voyaging.

As predators, we know how the use of silent vehicles has changed how we hunt and access properties.  Utilizing electric power not only minimizes time and noise, but also diminishes the amount of scent dispersed.

QuietKat’s solid build provides lightweight and powerful transportation for any enthusiast. From making a day trip on the ranch, to accessing the wilderness or helping a wounded warrior, QuietKat affords reliable transport in the greenest and stealthiest manner.

QuietKat weighs just over 100 lbs, can produce more than eight horse power, climbs 20 degree grades and is built in the United States.  One can accessorize the KAT for almost any use such as hunting, fishing, photography, RV travel, ranch work or chores.

QuietKat is engineered from the ground up for off road travel.  The KAT, It’s designed to be compact and portable and can easily be transported in a truck, hitch carrier, trailer, SUV or RV – making it the most manageable access vehicle ever designed.

The KAT is constructed out high-grade aluminum ensuring super strength while maintaining an ultra-light weight. Its design incorporates a powerful, silent and sealed direct drive hub motor to navigate any type of terrain. The light weight mountain bike components, and 5 axis machining make it the ultimate machine for a variety of ranchers, hunters and general outdoorsmen.