QuietKat – Low Speed Electric Vehicle


The original QuietKat is an advanced and versatile Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) engineered for off-road travel to provide portable, lightweight, reliable, stealthy and powerful transportation.

QuietKat vehicles are used in the field by hunters, ranchers, security and law-enforcement officials. It also provides reliable, lightweight transportation for those with mobility issues who want to enjoy the great outdoors or get around town.

Its design incorporates a silent, sealed and commanding direct drive hub motor.  Built by hand in Eagle, CO, the construction of QuietKat has taken no shortcuts.  It is quality from the ground up.

  • QuietKat can handle carry loads over 300 lbs. and is capable of pull additional weight.
  • Durable suspension keeps your ride as smooth as possible.
  • Capable of climbing steep grades and has incorporated lean technology to help maneuver undulating terrain.
  • Digital display lets you easily access vital information such as how much battery life is left, distance and speed.
  • Four-inch-wide knobby tread tires grip difficult terrain, while mud guards block splatters from debris and water.
  • The easy-to-operate advanced throttle makes traveling at an exact speed a cinch
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels offer the control you need to navigate tricky terrain.
  • The handlebars and seat are adjustable to accommodate various-sized riders.
  • The folding stem allows easy transport inside a pickup bed or small SUV.
  • The lithium battery charger completely recharges an empty battery overnight.
  • QuietKat includes a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship for the frame and swing arm.
  • All other components have a one-year warranty.