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Get a Free $200 Coupon from QuietKat!

From October 1st through November 15th, when you buy any 2019 QuietKat electric bike (at full price) either online or at an authorized QuietKat retailer, we’ll give you a $200 credit to spend on any future purchase. This $200 credit code will expire December 31, 2019.

Use your $200 on another bike purchase or QuietKat accessories such as pannier racks and bags, daypacks, drypacks, handlebar bags, truck tailgate pads, front and rear fenders, flex fenders, cargo trailers, 2-wheel trailers or any QuietKat apparel.

Fill out the online form and once we verify your purchase, we’ll email you a coupon code.

*Offer only valid with purchase of a 2019 QuietKat Electric Bike at Full Price. Gift Card can not be combined with any other discount. Gift Card not valid on 1Up Racks or Spare Batteries.

Upload an image of the Serial Number on your bike (found on the front stem of your bike)
Upload an image or scan of your purchase receipt